"Bakerman is typically Scandinavian; dark, straight-to-the-point, and dark in comedy.
It’s beautifully made, thought-provoking and a must-see at the film festivals it’ll travel to.
Bourke is a thoughtful and interesting director, and definitely one to watch..."
-- Cinema Scandinavia

"..The direction is rock solid and then it comes to the visuals they do a superb job
maintaining the mood. And not to be overlooked is Mikkel Vadsholt’s remarkable performance
in the role of this film’s protagonist Jens."
-- 10K Bullets

"The acting performances are also worthy of praise.
Mikkel Vadsholt does a solid job in portraying a conflicted character
..Vadsholt's portrayal of a man very much alone in the world is impressive.
-- Youve Got Red On You

"...Bakerman is a meditation on the nature of heroes and heroism.
We don’t need heroes, we just need decent human beings.
Opening yourself up to someone and letting them into your life
– and letting them let you into their life – is heroic enough..."
-- MJ Simpson

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